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SimpliSafe is all DIY, so there's no extra charge for installation. The equipment and the overall system itself are fairly straightforward. You can usually install it yourself in under an hour. Portable system. Traditional security systems are hard wired into your home. But SimpliSafe's equipment is completely wireless and portable if you move. Real time alerts. You can create customizable alerts that go to your smart device when your system is triggered. You can also use the app to check in on your home any time you want only for the higher tier. No Smash and Crash protection. If an intruder smashes the SimpliSafe base station within the grace period before the alarm is set off, then the alarm will not be triggered at all. " Long sleeve shirt with a couple pens in his shirt pocket, dress slacks, and nice shoes.

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From the technological point of view that type of security system is a thing of the past.


If battery operated, the batteries of the camera will need to be replaced regularly.


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